Friday, April 23, 2010

Lingering a Little Longer

The month of sad goodbyes continues.

But not before we spend a glorious afternoon together with our friends from the wrong side of town. Just kidding, of course, in typical Jennings fashion WE live on the the wrong side of the tracks. In this case, we live beyond the boundries of the US state department 'security corridor,' all the way on the OTHER SIDE of Great East Road. HORRORS! If you live in Kabalonga, Jesmondine may we well be on Mars, even though it's just 5 minutes away-- the WRONG way. When we say we live in Jesmondine or Roma, peoples' eyes glaze over and they start daydreaming about king pie and boerwors sausages.

But enough of that. Some snaps from me and the mr. on the bittersweet retreat out Leopards Hill way. This place needs a proper name.....Shangri-la comes to mind.

A bientot, mes cheres! Au plasir de vous revoir.

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