Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Better Living Through Chemistry

This week we had a Bio-Chem crash course -- a battle against bacteria -- at 23b. So far the Jennings are "up a lead" but only with massive injections of chemicals....in the bum and in the pool.

Explainer: 23b suffered from two totally unrelated bacterial invasions, one strike against the swimming pool and a double strike against Little13Socks' tonsils. The tonsilitis required the bum shots and 8 days of cross-town visits to our friends at CorpMed. The swimming pool required enough toxic chemicals to defeat the Taliban worldwide...if only we had thought to invite them over for sundowners this weekend.

The battle rages on but so far, so good. The tonsils are less red and the pool less green.

I knew I would some day use my university degree for something. (the science one. really, who knew the art degree would be so handy?!)

The pond less than 24 h later:

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