Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pets and Vets"

Siku doing his best Ruby impersonation
Good report from all our various vets....M'Siku has recovered nicely from his numerous run-ins with passing cars, is responding well to the bi-monthy de-worming and our sweet Ruby had successful surgery this morning in which the kind doctors at the Lien Animal Clinic in W. Seattle removed an 'aggressively malignant" but "well encapsulated" tumor. At any rate, the past few months the vets have been handing over to us a steady supply of "Elizabethan Collars" and we look forward to the day when all the animals are running around 'cone-free.'

Our cats are again on holiday, a walkabout, or have found a home without a dog that chases them or a monkey that torments them. It's nice they are so independent and we'll continue to feed them and love them and vaccinate them whenever they show up!

The lions at Munda Wanga standing in until our cats re-appear
It's termite season and so....frog season! The frogs come out and eat the termites until they burst! It's disgusting. This fat frog had the good sense to stop eating and is enjoying our garden and entertaining the kids by trying to hop up into the tree - and falling down.

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