Monday, January 11, 2010

Les Eperviers

I'm sure the rest of you are not as football mad as everyone here (quite sure) but the news from the African Cup of Nations (at our neighbor's in Angola this year) is on the top of our minds, top of the news. Just this morning it was settled that Togo was pulling out of the tournament. Their team bus was attacked by Angola rebels on Friday as they traveled across the border from Congo and the players endured a 30 minute gun-battle. Three died (an assistant coach, the press officer and the bus driver) and 4 players (the goalkeeper quite seriously) were injured. They of course withdrew from the tournament but the players changed their minds and wanted to play. The Togolese government over-ruled and insisted they come home without playing and instead of attending the opening ceremonies they boarded a plane for Lome. Just this morning they officially withdrew from the tournament.

The Togolese team suffered a tragedy in 2007 after a African Cup of Nations qualifier as well when 20 members of their delegation (though no players) were killed in a helicopter explosion and crash at the Lungi International Airport in Sierra Leone. Really rotten luck.

We watched the Cup of Nations opening match last night after the Elvis party, (me with one eye open and then with both eyes closed, snoring on the couch....) between the host country, Angola and Mali. Angola (Palancas Negras (Portugese)/the Black Antelopes) was up 4-0 up until the last few minutes of the game. Les Aigles/Eagles of Mali put in FOUR goals in 16 minutes to finish with a tie.

Our Chipolopolo Boys (Copper Bullets) play Tunisia (Les Aigles de Carthage, the Eagles of Carthage, منتخب تونس لكرة القدم) on Wednesday. Fingers crossed. Neither Zambia or Tunisia qualified for the World Cup this year.

While I'm already doing things I never thought I would do (blogging about African Football?) I'm off to see about getting a chimney sweep over to our WS house. Did you know you are supposed to clean your chimney every year? If we ever find tenants that place will be in the best shape it's ever been! Spit Spot, as Mary Poppins would say!

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