Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ants in our Pants

Our 2 meter long ant puzzle from LICS Science Week "Ants are Amazing" class. Who knew?

Lest you think I'm being funny, I have to say something I have unfortunately already said several times since moving here on my and Todd's behalf. Ants in your pants do NOT make you want to do the boogie dance! We have had two more unpleasant ant encounters. One red ant, biting ant, fire ant...I don't know what it was but excuse my french when I say those suckers can bite and it hurts like hell. One teeeeeeny tiiiinnnnyyyy little ant bite left me with a hard quarter-sized lump, a big red ring and a swollen forearm.

Today we went to visit our cheetah friend Zag at the wildlife sanctuary and we paused on the way to his enclosure to look at some impala...but by horrible luck paused in the path of some large, fierce, biting ants. They crawled in our shoes and up our legs. They grabbed on with huge mandible pinchers and did not let go -- even when you pulled their writhing bodies right off their heads, the heads remained and kept on biting.

Thankfully these little monsters just bite, they don't sting but I'm frankly getting tired of getting ants in my pants. Yes, Ants are Amazing, but they also really suck. I still do love a good ant story, however. O's friend who we brought along (and who I feel so horrible for b/c she really got the worst of the ants today), told the funniest story about the time her mom got ants in HER pants and had to strip in public madly to get them off. Her telling of the story, which differs from her mother's was that this was all caught on video by the evening denies the news bit but admits that the incident was filmed by some other tourists. Fun.

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