Monday, February 23, 2009

Lousy nit-picking

We are optimistic that we are at the end of our odyssey into nit-picking -- at least for this round of lice infestations that ran through the school this past month.  The treatment method we settled on was suffocation and manual removal which involves dunking our heads in herbal-essence spiked oil (neem, lavender and tea tree), wrapping our hair in plastic (or in this case silicone swim caps) for 2 hours, shampooing and combing and then....hours of hand picking the eggs off the hair which are miniscule and are absolutely and stubbornly cemented to a single strand of hair.  It is slow going but I do think we are in the home stretch. (scratch, scratch)

The kids are tolerating the treatments fine (round 3, one more to go before I can sleep soundly).  Owen has used his 2 hour wrap-and-suffocate time to rediscover a pastime he took up 3 years ago - lobsterting!  Finn is continuing his fashion quest to get his shorts as HIGH UP AS POSSIBLE.

The quintessential Finn outfit as of late?  Where should I start?  From the bottom up:  Grungy Fila hightop basketball shoes, beige football socks pulled up OVER his knees, shinguards (just in case), Kyla's old demin shorts pulled up over his belly, Nemo tighty-whitey underpants that Owen got from Matty May one day about 3 years ago, one of two favorite shirts (mariner's shirt from nana or owen's alligator shirt he got from emily), his green zambia football hat, Owen's red baseball hat, AND the black wool Permanet cap with the suede brim.  Yes,  three hats.  He is a vision.

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Teresa said...

I heard about the creepy crawlies from Clayton's mom when she and I visited at Sanislo's Family Reading Night. They are persistent buggers.