Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adieu, Odyssey

I'm so sad and disappointed to hear of the closing of the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center. Odyssey was the brainchild of my professor and friend Dr. Marc Hershman, who died last year.  It was a Seattle waterfront gem that never got a proper introduction to the public and remained an undiscovered treasure.  The exhibits that highlighted Seattle's rich and varied maritime traditions are now being housed....where?  

We'll miss the our impromptu survival suit races, virtual kayaking in Bellingham Bay, piloting mini-tugs and loading container ships,  surveying Elliot Bay from 'the bridge' of a navy destroyer, throwing giant rubber salmon in to the hold, huddling together in the emergency escape pods...I hope these fantastic exhibits find a home at the Pacific Science Center, at the Children's Museum, at the Aquarium...? Somewhere? Anywhere?

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