Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The children have emerged from beneath their mops...the guy who cuts Todd hair too short had a go at the kids' hair recently. While I miss the BMX grade-school dropout-trucker/surfer look they look darn handsome with their new do's. Owen had to have his hair all pinned up for this cut to proceed- it was so unruly. Finny is just so happy to be participating in all the 'big tid' stuff he could hardly contain his joy, but he sat stone still with an ear to ear grin for his haircut. The kids both were treated to the post-cut head-massage and shampoo. it was hysterical. Before and after photos for your entertainment:


Kathi of Clan Church said...

YAY!!! New blog entries!

Those haircuts take them from looking like little men to little boys! I can picture the grin on Finny's face while getting his cut done - did you get a photo?

Owen, you look quite dashing.

Teresa said...

Is that Owen? Wow! That hair cut sure adds maturity to his face!