Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting there is half the fun

These photos were taken on the trip down to Kiambi/Lower Zambezi....they are not beautiful photos but those will give an idea what a weekend family road trip here looks like! If you look on the map, we just drove from Lusaka to Chirundu at the Zim/Zam border, took a left and hopped over the Kafue river and on to the banks of the Zambezi.

Below, Before we were able to actually LEAVE Lusaka we drove from one petrol station to another in search of fuel Finally we found one - and there we sat for two long hours. This was the view: the queue for diesel and the guys lingering at the pump, trying to sneak in jerry cans or try to sneak up in the line. Several trucks just went around the station, and reversed back to the FRONT of the line and filled up without waiting. One bold fellow even filled THREE giant drums in the back of his truck after he filled up his tank! The children learned some new words from daddy.
Below, this is "town." Downtown Lusaka which we avoid if at all possible, traffic is very bad there and it is not really a place to walk or park your vehicle. But, very lovely architecture...or...just a lot of concrete - A LOT of concrete.

Below, the Bureau de Change. They do not speak french here but the currency exchange offices are all named this. It is also a good example of the typical downtown building. See? Concrete.
A grocery store as we head out of town.
The LaFarge Cement factory! I had to photograph this because we happen to have a LaFarge Cement factory not one mile from our house in Seattle, down on the Duwamish.
Below, some ladies headed home from Chirundu with their packages.
Below, the brand new road the Chinese built that goes from the port at Chirundu to Lusaka.
Below, this is the chaos at the port at Chirundu...all the cars waiting to either get their paperwork to pass into Zimbabwe or waiting for the paperwork to proceed into Zambia. This is also where the turnoff to Kiambi is. And if you do not SEE the turnoff, neither did we. We drove past it 4 times and finally had to have someone drive ahead of us to show us and even then we didn't really think it was the turnoff.
Below, this is the pontoon we had to take to cross the Kafue River to get to Kiambi. There are no passengers allowed so I had to get out of the car and 'walk on.' The fee is 40,000 for the crossing (about $12) - for the vehicle. I dont' know if they charge for walk-ons.

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