Saturday, July 12, 2008

The container arrives!

Now doesn't that sound so optimistic! Our container is in Lusaka!

Our lovely messenger, Deborah, at World Wide Movers (who has been so incredibly nice) delivered this happy message the other day and wanted to know if we would be home that very afternoon to recive said container. She had the unenviable task of having to call us right back to say there was a hiccup in the plan to deliver the container that afternoon. Instead, she needed Todd to go down the the 'Light Industrial Area' to 'witness' the unloading of the containter into a bonded warehouse space (Global Logistics - from my Polocross posting below....) where it will sit until said hiccup is resolved.

The short story is that in order for goods, any goods, to be imported duty-free (as the policy is written for general household goods for permitted workers moving to Zambia should be), said goods need to arrive within 6 months from the issue date on the work permit. Official word of Todd's work permit took quite some time to make it to us - it was issued in November but we didn't hear of it officially until January and didn't pack until February and now it is July...9 months later. There is a bit more to it but this is the boiled down version.

Right now we are at a crossroads....feeling a bit silly about whining about all our 'stuff' but at the same time getting really tired of sitting on the cold, hard floor and sharing little plastic plates on cardboard boxes with the kids at mealtime. The score? Global Logistics 1, Jennnings 0

Photos below: Owen and Finny, playing with the toy helicopter Nana sent in April. I felt badly for telling the kids the shipment was here...Next time we wait until the truck in in our driveway.

PS Many "new" old postings appear below!

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Teresa said...

Nine months, that's a pregnancy! Whine away! Will it take that long when everything makes a return trip to the U.S.?