Sunday, June 8, 2008

Year One Assembly

Last Friday, Mrs. Bentley led her Year One students (5-7 year olds) to a successful showing at the primary school assembly. The kids performed a song with silly lyrics they made up, read and acted out a book from the "Oxford Learning Tree" series and read a book that they wrote and illustrated based on familiar characters from their nightly reading assignments. Mrs. Bentley is saying good bye to teaching for a bit as she takes some time off to join her husband's company doing commercial photography. Quite a talented lot, those Bentleys!

Primary students meet for assemblies in the covered play area opposite the Admin. building. Owen wasn't a bit shy about reading his bit in front of all these students! Wow!

Primary Principal Mr. Matthias, Master of Ceremonies for the year 1 assembly. Mr. Matthais is leaving LICS after this school term to start up a NEW primary school in Lusaka! The Head Mistress is also leaving LICS after 4 years in Zambia - off to head an international school in Dubai.

The Main Admin. Building for the Lusaka International Community School. On school days there are mobs of children playing on this lawn.

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