Sunday, June 15, 2008

The artist inside said LET ME OUT!

What does a 'trailing spouse' do when they are not reading up on laprascopy procedures or downloading ringtones from

Some more painting projects:

The kids wanted a 'safari' theme room - this 7 ft. long elephant painting is 'phase 1'

The inspiration for this motif is "three cups of tea."

The "Hibicsus Room"

After this one (above) I swore off any caffeine after dinner. The opposite wall is going to be RED with some detail up top. I am resiting painting the whole wall until we get some furniture because I can't remember what 'reds' I have in the 'nip-mint'.

"Click" at the bathroomlight switch.

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Teresa said...

Fabulous wall art, Anne! My favorite is the caffine induced red swirls.