Saturday, September 20, 2014

World's Strongest Man

Continuing with the "WHY NOT?" theme .... Let's move the picture-party to the outskirts of Lusaka for the taping of a competition that is 30 years running.  The show's concept was first branded in 1977. It's unclear to me if this competition is PART of the actual World's Strongest Man OFFICIAL franchise of if it is in fact a spin-of from this International Federation of Strength Athletes-sanctioned or if it is a separate beast that came after the 2004 scism. And, I have no idea what I'm talking about so, let me just show you the spectacle that took up the better part of our Saturday.

So...the photo above is funny for a few reasons but mostly because the very enthusiastic guy in the back is our friend, and he is posing for me, he's not *actually* cheering.  This fellow is flying to the UK tonight in fact to wait with his wife for the arrival of their first 'strong-baby'.

The playing field. 8 very big, very strong men.

 Above, Serbia.  Below, Poland (the victor of the Zambia event).

 Sure they can get 100 kgs of cement to the truck 20 meters away (x 3), but can these guys carry 20L of water on their heads for 5K with a baby on their back and a load of firewood under their arm? 

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