Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reunion Zed-Side!

If you have been living in cave in East Andalusia you may have missed the news that we had a big Jennings family reunion in Zambia.  We've just said goodbye to our last guest (right before we welcome our NEXT guest, world-teen-traveler, Kyla!) and so we finally have time to share with the world the photos from this amazing visit.  

Their trip began long before they arrived on our doorstep of course.  Getting ready to travel and to be away from home is an adventure that deserves its own post.  Also deserving of it's own post is the LONG JOURNEY that one has to take to GET here!  Our preferred airline of late is Emirates Air.  They fly to Lusaka in two looooonnnnnnngggg flights.  The first 14 hour flight is aboard a Boeing 777 and the second 7 hour flight is on the Airbus 304. The layover this direction is long and it's overnight in Dubai.  

This is one of the best, most direct options now that British Airways is no longer flying direct.  Oh we miss the London layover.

At any rate, we snuck in a few adventures between the normal catching up on sleep, catching up on family time, hanging out in Lusaka and playing with the new pup.

We bothered to all sit together for one SINGLE family photo.  This is at Tsika Island on the Lower Zambezi River.  I love that Finn is standing in the middle because when I look at his adorable little face I see a little bit of all our families in him. (most dangerous is the mischievious Ballou twinkle in the Brooks blue eyes! WATCH OUT for this kid.)

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