Saturday, January 4, 2014

110 km/h

On the drive back from Malawi, I decided to put on my biggest lens and just see what kind of photos I could get -- this series is shot at 110 km/h through our dirty windscreen and mostly in the rain. Malawi has nearly the same population as Zambia (740,000 square kilometers with 13 million people) but only 1/8th of the land (94,000 sq km) (washington state is 185,000 sqm with 6.9 million and Texas is 695,000 with 27 million people). That's a lot of statistics, sorry, but it is good to put these things in perspective.  What this means is that there are people EVERYWHERE.  

My mind today does not see the same things as it saw 5 years ago.  Today looking at these photos I don't see dirt and poverty and small children wandering next to the highway.  OK, I still 'see' the very difficult life that people live but now I also see the amazing chitenge colours and patterns.  I see friendship and family and compassion and determination and creativity.  Have you ever tried to ride a crappy bike on a dirt shoulder with two live pigs strapped across your rack?  GRIT: I see grit.

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