Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sometimes, It IS the destination!

The previous post about road tripping was on our way HERE!  A big 5-family camping/fishing weekend.  PFPJ with brothers' new fishing gear on the Zambezi River.  We are at a spot about 24km down from the Kariba Dam, just clear of the gorge as it opens up to the flood plains.

The kids had a wee bit of fun. 

"Don't mind me. I'm just going to go check in on the chocolate birthday cake you left in the chalet."

We had a few uninvited guests in camp. A family of baboons with some BIG guys.  BIG HUGE BABOONS. Scary. They have big teeth. I am scared of baboons.  A ginormous croc at the beach.  The biggest that I have ever seen. We heard the hippos but didn't see any nearby, saw some elephants on the island between our side and the Zimbabwe side and saw lots of elephant poo and cattle/cattle poo on our side but no elephants.  

We had 12 boys, two girls, 4 moms and 3 dads on this trip.
(and the biggest bottle of jaggermeister I've ever seen...)

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