Monday, June 17, 2013

Camping in Miniature

Despite the 9 degree C temp, we thew caution to the wind and packed 3 tents, some warm clothes and escaped our cold houses in favor of a colder but more charming setting.  Again, (like Easter Weekend) had a quick escape to our friends' plot with our favorite neighbors.  We invited one extra (and extra-ordinary) boy for overnight and had some other join us for brunch and kept two more extra boys to play the rest of the day. 

The 'miniature' function button on the camera is a wee bit tempting.  Generally I don't 'go for' these gimicky options but while I've been saving my ngwee to buy a proper "lens-baby" tilt shift lens every camera manufacturer in the world decided to add a built-in 'button'.  The results are enchanting!

 And, because the camping trip was mini (just one night - we brought dinner, got three tents set up as the sun was setting, cooked brunch and were home by dinner the next day), I'm just going to fully embrace the concept.

Here is our camping (Father's Day) weekend in miniature:


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