Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reclaimed land

A few months back I was lamenting the appearance of a bull-dozer (yes, an ACTUAL BULLDOZER!) in the marsh behind our house.  Since we moved in there was this amazing greenbelt of sorts between our house in Jesmondine and the next street of houses over in Roma.  The bull dozers took out EVERYTHING: mango trees, sugar cane, huge clumps of banana palms...everything.  Then they burned anything remaining.  They cleared the land right up to our wall-fence* and left a swath of charred dry brown earth.  A few structures were completed and I'm sure there are plans for more.  Construction was fast and furious as the Rainy Season deadline approached.

Now that the rain has finally come (sort of), the marsh is back to it's green lush self again.  The bananas and cane are back and the grass is shoulder high most everywhere.  The birds are so happy but are missing the trees for sure.  There are a few new paths which bring a steady stream of people by our place.  It's a shame it's not preserved but we're happy for now at least to have the marsh back, even if it's only temporary.

*A wall-fence is an actual thing.  In most cases it's a big, tall concrete block wall topped with glass shards and electrified wire. I think it's probably one word even:  wallfence.

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