Saturday, July 28, 2012

Urban adventures

EMP - the Experience Music Project
We have many friends and family is this place we still call home despite our address (ISP and otherwise).  we love them all and really hardly see them even when we are here.

One thing we struggle with is that in Z we are together ALL THE TIME and we drive eachother crazy regularly.  Why do we feel the need to also be together here driving eachother crazy?  I'm not sure, but we really do need it.  thanks to everyone for letting this feel OK and for loving us back anyway.

Here are a few snaps from our few precious days on our urban family adventure with the eatons (subtitle: how dorky can we be?):

Finn decides to stand right where the drainpipe is dripping.

Meet the Reproducer!


as dorky as we are the guy in red on the seguey beats us by a mile. He was WAY dorkier then us...not only for riding a segue but for nearly wiping out on the curb. d'oh!

Olympic Sculpture Park, with Alexander Calder's Eagle

 "SPIN ME!" says the boy who was up hurling (the upchuck variety, not the Irish National Sport variety) at 2:30 am. "NNNnoooooooooOOOOOOO!" cry the parents.

art, art everywwher.

8th and Pike.  nearly there.

a little online shopping after a day of shopping

 Pacific Science Center!

Family Portrait? 
Riding the Monorail all the way to West Seattle!  Didn't we vote that decision in?  and out? and in? and I guess OUT again b/c the thing only goes 1.5 miles from PSC to Westlake.  West Seattle could sure use the monorail about now.  Seattlites would have this awesome transportation alternative today if our local government had accepted the first YES vote? Seattle is NOT Portland.  
Hanging herb garden down by the RR tracks.  An idea to steal.
Yes, I had the boys pose in front of the never know when that puppies going to come down.

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