Friday, June 29, 2012

TinTin's Adventures in Zambia

TinTin and Snowy are here for their Zambian adventure!  This poster was created by the fine folks at InHouse Design Studio. Hey...that's me!  The kids are waiting for the full book but for now putting the poster together was the project of the week as they were finishing up their final school days. What a push that was to get us all thru the week of parties, activities, assemblies, awards ceremonies, graduations and a life of total (but temporary) chaos.

To give you some context for this project:  Nyami-Nyami is the god of the mighty Zambezi River that watches over Lake Kariba and controls life in and on the river.  The Lake was formed in 1956 when a huge dam was built on the river which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe. Wikipedia of describes baTonga legend of Nyami-Nyami, and this legend certainly gives us a head start to writing a full story.  The Tonga people were 'displaced' (this is the polite term) by the dam construction and subsequent flooding but apparently had confidence that Nyami-Nyami would never allow completion of the dam.

The Knife Edge Bridge spans the river directly across from the Zambezi River's Victoria Falls. It was built  over the 'boiling pot' at gorge's Eastern Cataract.  During the rainy season the mist from the falls rains upwards ferociously and even a quick dash through the cloud will leave you soaked through in a matter of seconds.  (just have a look at TJs passport which he had on him in an inside rainjacket pocket wrapped in double zip-loc bags if you need proof...and our digital camera and cell phone graveyard).

We're certain that the full adventure will reveal itself over the course of our upcoming 35-hour journey. There's nothing like sitting in a coach airplane seat for that long with two children to get your creative juices flowing.  Blistering barnacles!

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