Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Practice makes perfect?

While O was off at the national science fair with his "Does Practice Make Perfect" experiment (Part I was a week long spelling 'practice/no practice' test and Part II was a month long 'practice/no practice' swimming and running test) and FPF was at a sleepover, we were home practising our cocktail shaking.  So distracted were we with the Earl Grey Martinis at the Winters that we very maturely neglected to fix any dinner, instead having finger-food fondue while watching the Season 5 premier of Mad Men. Which leads me to this very open party invite:

.....and this recycled bit of inspiration for your fancy-dress from our visit to 1965:
Not actually from 1965, but from Uttara and Inder's party in 2009.
 If only photoshop would launch a line of cosmetics and hair products. 
If you a total party pooper and unwilling to dress up, print out a life-size character mask from the official AMC Mad Men party guide.  Meanwhile, our party shopping list is looking like this: brandy, gin, whiskey, coffee liquor, vermouth, vodka, creme de cacao, and....chips and dip.

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