Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chipolopolo's Beautiful Game

Heartfelt congratulations to the Chipolopolo Boys and their Africa Cup of Nations VICTORY!
Here they are as they pass by our place yesterday.

Screen shot of the team's arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International airport.  Fans left on foot for the airport even before the game was started such was the strength in both support for the team and the certainty of their victory.

While it was amazing to see the welcome, the day revealed a spectacular lapse in, uh, airport security. Anyone? Security?  People were scaling the fence, climbing the towers.  They rushed every plane that came in from 7am on.

The fam, melting, while waiting in Great East Road for the team convoy to pass. (yes, IN the street, hence the look of concern)

20 minute trip from the airport took 2 hours.  The route was thick with fans and the wait provided ample opportunity for awesome displays of enthusiasm and stupidity.  (yes, I said the "s" word) The car below is moving at about 40 kmph.  please tell me who is driving?  These Donchi Kubeba guys passed by a half a dozen times.  They win for best fake trophy.  That they had their window-wipers on AND a reindeer hanging from the rearview mirror was icing on the cake. But please.  who is driving? They did, as they say, their  "level best" and avoided cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

This was nice - party in the back, drivers IN the cab, driving:

 "Always on Time"  but of course.....4 hours late.

Above and below: Quiet street scenes on Central and Great East.  We only witnessed one accident (matatu v. tiny sudan) and two near accidents a 1/2 hour apart with the same gorgeous new light blue BMW.  The driver nearly got t-boned (he didn't notice) and on a double-u-turn (two cars at once) missed a long appointment with the panel beaters by literally 2 cm (also a near miss the driver also didn't notice). TJ, below, after his TV interview with our friends at MOBI TV, our awesome neighbours.

The team heads off into the setting sun...



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