Friday, January 6, 2012

Elephant Quarantine

We took a little trip yesterday to go and see 3 baby elephants.  The three are in quarantine at a lodge just outside of town until they are fit enough to be transferred to an elephant orphanage in Kafue NP, part of the David Shephard Wildlife Foundation Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia who work in tandem with Game Rangers International and ZAWA, the Zambian governmentWildlife Authority

7 month old Musolole and his keeper
Kavalamanja (1 year 7 months, rescued from the banks of the Zambezi River in September) and Maramba (1 year 5 months, rescued from outside Livingstone) get their bottles....the 2 litres of milk went down in about 2 minutes! Both were found by their mothers, killed by poachers for their tusks.

O gets to hold a baby bushbaby (also called galagos), a small, nocturnal "early" primate.  He, Gizmo, is so unbelievably cute and his fur so soft he hardly even seemed to be real.
Clearly.... he is a primate!  Here, Gizmo is clutching his surrogate momma, a stuffed teddy bear. 
Musolole (7 months old, orphaned at Siome Ngwesi at the Namibian border) is recovering well from injuries and is slowly but surely putting on weight.
Kavalamanja, making a go at opening the gate.  The babies have the stables as 'home base' and have a large area of the miombo woodlands set aside at Lilayi to explore.

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