Friday, September 16, 2011

mike wang

something funny happened this summer.  it’s actually not funny at all.  something strange.  something truly horrible.  a friend of ours was killed in a hit-and-run, bicycle vs. SUV accident a few blocks from his office...from our office.  he covers hundreds of miles on his bike each month, commuting to work, heading home to his wife, his son, his daughter. he was the sole provider for the family.  he was a good guy.  a great guy.
he was also an amazing photographer.  he was a mentor to me.
so.  every time I pick up my camera.  i can’t take a photo.  i can’t bear the thought.
i think the best way to honor him would be, in fact, to take photos.  to take them with abandon.  to tell the world about mike wang, about his work, about his family.
I can’t just yet.

A memorial fund has been established at BECU credit union. Donations in Mike’s memory can be made to: 
Mike Wang Family
c/o BECU
PO Box 34044
Seattle, WA 98124-1044
Donations also can be dropped off at any BECU branch location. To donate online, please contact for instructions.
With any luck we will also be able to purchase Mike's documentary portrait photography, the copyrights for which have been generously transferred to his family.

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