Friday, September 3, 2010

They're here!

They're here...the four most lekker Mzansi flavours! Try them all and vote for your favourite:

Monray Sackanary's Masala Steak Gatsby Flavour
Aleeta Crofton's Walkie Talkie Chicken Flavour
Brendan Johnston's Snoek Fish and Atchar Flavour
Ayana'a Thabede's Vetkoek and Polony Flavour.

SMS the flavour your savour to 32313!

Personally, the vetkoek and polony sounds scrumptious, no, wait, snoek fish! I have no idea what any of this means but it was the ad on the bag of 'Simba' crisps I bought today for the kids snack and I just had to share. Does the world really need snoek-fish-flavored potato chips?

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