Monday, March 15, 2010

goodnight but not goodbye

LUN, Zambia

This week we mark two auspicious occasions.....two years in Zambia and two years since we met out dear friends from Bothell, WA. They used to live around the corner from us in West Seattle but it took moving to Zambia to meet them ... in the American School parking lot while we were both picking up our kindergartners. While we are making plans for our summer home leave these guys are making plans for their big ‘leave.’ Terri and I have spent countless hours together and I can’t imagine what I’ll do without her here. Terri, you have been such a great friend.

We’ve been here just long enough now have to say goodbye to a lot of good friends. Many folks we have met are here for two to three years, then they are off to their next post. One family that we met just as we got here had moved here from 2 years in Thailand and were headed to Croatia next. Then there are the long-timers....we had to see off another couple recently that had been here 10 and 30 years but recently packed up for India. They are sorely missed.

This expat life is strange indeed.

I wonder what is in store for us? (I wish I had an answer.)

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