Sunday, November 1, 2009

Manda Hill

Street vendors are a normal thing are sitting innocently in your car at a traffic light and young men come to your window with things for sale. The Manda Hill intersection usually has the most vendors with the best array of products. (Perhaps because the goods are stolen or because they don't have legal permits to sell so don't pay taxes, they have the best prices in town!) There are vendors who have permits to sell newspapers and talk time and this is a great convenience not to have to go to a store -- most of us have pre-paid phones and you buy scratch cards to 'top up.'

The other day on our way into town the offerings at Manda Hill included:
mango, apples, pears, clemantines (all imported from SouthAfrica)
plastic fly swatters
Zambian flag bath towels
car-mirror hanging flag things (with gold tassels)
TV Rabbit ears/antennae
hair clippers/razors
Santa car windshield screen
badminton racket
new silver track suit
Zambia team scarf
Monopoly board game (from Saudi Arabia)
metal hand-made dog collars and chains
Tummy Trimmer
Plastic Chess game
Pirated CDs and DVDs
mini guitar
plastic passport covers
steering wheel covers
cell phone car chargers
striped oxford button-down shirt
white tee-shirt
green wristwatch
Plastic Toy airplane
Toilet plungers
pleather belts
pumice stones
and of course, a 3 week old puppy.

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