Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lexi-Lucy, aka Not Our Dog

This is Lexi-Lucy.  She is NOT our dog.  We just feed her and play with her and let her chase the cats around our yard.  Sounds like she is our dog, you say?  But she is NOT.  
Our neighbors moved out a while ago and they left her behind with 7 puppies.  Mr. Zulu (the gardener) sold the puppies and fed her for a while and when he left the workers that came to tile the driveway (don't ask why) they fed her.  when they left....Lexi left the property in search of food...without much luck.  She did find a spitting cobra somewhere along the way, hence the very fashionable (but gnarly) "Captain-Jack-Sparrow-dog-pirate" look.  She found her way into our yard a few weeks back and we just bought our second bag of dog food.  
But she is not our dog.  Really.

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Teresa said...

She found her way to the right place. How sad to be left behind.