Friday, August 8, 2008


A little, yet unidentified bat that we were doing a little backyard wildlife rescue for...apparently in the throes of death. It died about 1/2 hour after I took this photo.

Finny named it but only after the fact: Ima.

As in "Ima Bat."
Ima Stats: brown furry body, approx 7cm long. black wings. (didn't measure wingspan, estimate 35-40cm), dark beady eyes set close to small black ears, teeny tiny teeth...which I know b/c when I picked it up from the pool it wanted to bite me - I felt really silly for donning gloves to get this itty bitty bat but was quite glad I did so, particularly after reading about all the fun stuff humans can get from bats - especially sick ones. Any help with an ID is appreciated. I unpacked my bat book only to discover it is 'bats of north america' not bats of southern africa...


Teresa said...

Wearing gloves was a good idea. Yesterday, early AM my husband and I donned gloves AND face masks to retrieve and bury a 'possum that died under our garden shed. Talk about a stench!! And this would have to happen in one of Seattle's rare heat waves.


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Kathi of Clan Church said...

Good GRIEF. These varmits even infiltrate one's blogs! (Talking about the spammers, not bats).