Wednesday, May 14, 2008

YOOK, Mommy!

Finny and I had a little escape at a lodge outside of town. We dropped Todd at a meeting and set off to walk down to the lake. Owen has been collecting information on trees, including the Acacia and there was a little one right by the trail that I took a picture of for his blog.

Acacia Tree - The thorns are 2-3 inches long!

As I'm snapping away I hear Finny, behind me: "Yook, Mommy!"

Then louder: "Yook, Mommy!"

Again: "Yook, Mommy!"

Sure enough, six lions about 2 feet away from Finny! Never even heard them or saw them. I'm including this photo to show that there was indeed a fence separating the lions from us but also to show how eager they were to make Finny's acquaintance. There were two younger ones that were especially interested in Finn. So, we walked along a bit farther down the path but the path runs along the fence and so the lions followed....we walked back a bit and the lions followed. Not knowing what lay ahead (a hole in the fence?!) we went back to the lodge and got the Landcruiser!

Finny and I did a self-guided game drive around the lake, stopped by the lions again so Finny could show them to his kitty. We hope to go back tomorrow for a proper, guided game drive and I will bring charged camera batteries this time - I got a few photos before the camera called it quits.


Kathi of Clan Church said...

Yions, indeed. How do you say "heart attack" in French?

Teresa said...

Oh be still my heart! I would've passed out on the spot or scooped up Finny and made it back to the Landcruiser in the blink of an eye. Sounds to me like you handled the 'yion' sighting with a whole lot more calm. Great photos, Anne!